Login Help

If you are experiencing issues logging into our site or accessing secure items while logged in, please review the information below for explanations and guidance.

Using Login Credentials from Old Site

In early 2021, the ELK Products website was migrated to a new platform.  As a result, all subscribers must update their login credentials or request a new login.  Please try the reset password option on the login page or email us to get help setting up your login for the new site.

Login Approval Pending

If you recently completed a login request form, your approval may be pending.  Login requests require manual approval.  This process can take up to 2 business days.  To view the status of your request, please visit the My Account page.

Insufficient Access Level

You may be trying to view an item that requires a higher level of access than you currently have.  Please email us, and let us know what you are trying to access so we can help.

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