M1 Cables & Harnesses


4-Pin Ribbon Cable

Used for connecting expanders and other peripherals to the M1 Control.
• 4 pin keyed connector • Approximately 18" long


M1 Accessory Wiring Harness

This 5-pin cable is required for connecting GE Wireless Receivers (GE model (NX548E) to the M1 Controls. It can also be used to connect ELK-106055 proximity reader or any manufacturer’s 26 bit Wiegand reader to an M1KP keypad.
• Color Coded
• Pre-stripped wire ends
• Keyed connector 
• 18 Gauge Wire
• Wire length: 18"


M1KP2 & M1KP3 Proximity Reader Wiring Harness

This two pin cable is used to connect a 26 bit Wiegand reader (such as the ELK-106055) to the ELK-M1KP2 or M1KP3 Keypad.
• Color Coded
• Pre-stripped wire ends
• Keyed connector
• 22 Gauge Wire
• Wire Length: 12”


Serial Ribbon Cable

This serial ribbon cable is used to connect the M1 Controls main serial port to the M1XEP.
• Compact design means cable will not
   interfere with the enclosure door
• DB9F to DB9M
• Approx. 17" long

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