Dual Battery Wires for M1 Controls


Increase the back-up battery capacity of M1 control by installing dual back-up batteries. Replaces factory battery wires.


Product Details

  • Increases standby power time in the event of a AC power outage
  • Ideal for commercial or large residential installations
  • 2 Pairs, 24” long
  • Red (+) wires are fuse protected at 5 Amps

IMPORTANT: The M1 control is designed to recharge 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries only. When operating dual batteries the combined amphour (Ah) rating of the batteries must not exceed 18Ah in order to maintain a charge on each battery.


  • 2) 24" Red Wires with 5 amp in-line fuse
  • 2) 24" Black Wires

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