The Security & Automation Connection

A collection of ideas, application notes, tips, and how to’s to help you make the most of ELK’s security and automation solutions.

Mounting Options for the ELK-SP12F

The ELK-SP12F is a discrete, flush mount speaker that works great for any interior speaker application. But, did you know…
The SP12F can be mounted behind the M1KP2 keypad for a concealed speaker solution.

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6 Tips for Better M1 Installations with the SWB28 Enclosure

ELK’s 28″ structured wiring enclosures are perfect for larger M1 installations. Use these tips for the best enclosure configuration.

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Why You Need Surge Suppression

Surges and transients can occur for many reasons, with or without the presence of lightning or storms, affecting more than just power lines. Surge suppressors can protect important and costly equipment.

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Energy Saving Solutions with M1

M1 energy management solutions help reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort. M1’s automation capabilities provide intelligent control and scheduling of lights, thermostats, and more.

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Using Automation as an Intrusion Deterrent

Detecting and reporting an intrusion is an important function of even the most basic security system. But what if the system could prevent the intrusion from ever happening? Put the automation features of the M1 control to work as a smart intrusion deterrent!

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Access Control for Door/Gate Entry

M1 provides simple control and management of access for multiple entry points with restrictions by area, user, and/or schedule. User credential options include proximity cards/
fobs, PIN, or biometrics.

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Notification of Critical Temperatures

M1 can provide alerts for high or low temperatures using M1 zone temperature sensors and the M1XEP Ethernet Interface. Perfect for freezers/coolers, server rooms, vacation homes, etc.

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Using Vacation Mode for Convenience, Peace of Mind, and Energy Savings

Vacation mode is a second level of Away mode arming that allows the system to activate different routines when you are away for extended periods of time.

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Installer Branding Options for Apps

Branding options are available to installers for our M1 partner apps, eKeypad Pro and M1 Touch Pro.

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Add Value to Video Surveillance Installs with Voice

Incorporating custom voice messages in video surveillance solutions, adds value for customers and additional revenue for installers. Easily add custom messages with ELK’s recordable voice modules.

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