The Security & Automation Connection

A collection of ideas, application notes, tips, and how to’s to help you make the most of ELK’s security and automation solutions.

Prevent Costly Water Damage

Prevent water damage and offer an added level of protection with ELK’s Water Shutoff Valve controlled by ELK’s Alarm Engine or M1 Control

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Email Security Settings – Using App Passwords for Gmail and Yahoo with the M1XEP

In an effort to increase account security, services like Gmail and Yahoo have adopted new policies that affect the ability of third party devices to login and send messages through their servers. Changes are required in the M1XEP email configuration to address these new policies.

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Back-up Battery Care

Heavy snow, ice, and windy conditions from winter storms often lead to power outages. Don’t wait until it is too late to make sure the standby battery for critical security and life safety equipment is in good health. Here are some tips to ensure years of reliable service from back-up batteries.

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Discrete Speakers in Every Room

The wall plate size and low profile design of ELK flush mount speakers allow them to easily blend in.

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Understanding Battery Testers

Battery testers that provide an amp hour reading may seem convenient, but misinterpreted readings could leave fire systems and other critical security/life safety equipment with insufficient backup power.

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5 Tips for the M1 Data Bus

The M1 RS485 data bus provides fast and reliable communication to M1 peripherals. Proper wiring, termination, and device addressing are key. Common mistakes can lead to headaches, so it is important to get it right.

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Think beyond signs for social distancing and mask reminders

Supplement signs with concise voice alerts and reminders. Use ELK recordable modules to deliver custom message tailored to each business.

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Contact-Free Arming & Disarming

Eliminate the need to enter a code by using cards and fobs to arm or disarm the M1.

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Transitioning from HAI Omni or Interlogix? Take a look at ELK’s M1 Systems

ELK offers proven, security-focused solutions for both residential and commercial installations. M1 systems are professional grade with the scalability you need and features your clients want.

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Mounting Options for the ELK-SP12F

The ELK-SP12F is a discrete, flush mount speaker that works great for any interior speaker application. But, did you know…
The SP12F can be mounted behind the M1KP2 keypad for a concealed speaker solution.

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