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    So I seem to be running into a challenge combining multiple keypads. 5878 (6-button) – just using the first 4 loops: 1. L1: Disarm (keypad labelled 2) 2. L2: Stay (keypad labelled STAY) 3. L3: Away (keypad labelled AWAY) 4. L4: Disarm (keypad labelled 1) 5804 (4-button) loopnumbers: 1. blank 2. OFF 3. AWAY 4. STAY Since it does not appear I can actually program each keyfob independently, I’m now stuck that I can either have the 5878 work based on the 1-4 button events, or the 5804. Any thoughts on how I make these two work together, or should I get rid of the 5878? Ideally – I really wish the elk would honour the loop programming for keyfobs – i.e. I use 4 wireless zones for 4 keyfob buttons.

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