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    In ElkRP under Wireless Setup, Keyfob Events is Globals to all Wireless Keyfobs. However; it is possible to have the M1 distinguish between wireless keyfobs so that a button on one FOB will perform a different task than the button on another FOB. Please take a look at the following steps: * In ElkRP under Users Create a New User—- For example User 10 and User 11 * User Code will be 0000, Assign a Name, Area 1 Checked, All User Authorizations will be Un-Checked * NOTE— Because the User Code is 0000 which is not a valid User Code these Users will show as a “Conflict” when ElkRP Connects. * In ElkRP under Wireless Setup, Transmitters — click on the Zone assigned to the Wireless Fob and set the Keyfob User ID to Match the User Code. For example if one FOB is assigned to Zone 17 set the Keyfob User ID to 10 and the other FOB assigned to Zone 18 set the Keyfob User ID to 11. * Create your Rules based upon the RF Button Pressed and condition with AND LAST USER WAS… For example: Whenever RF Button 4 Is Activated And Last User Was **USER 10** Then Turn Output 17 ON for 1 Second Whenever RF Button 4 is Activated AND Last User Was **USER 11** Then Turn Output 18 ON For 1 Second.

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