M1 Support Forum Cannot connect to ELK M1 Reply To: Cannot connect to ELK M1

Trevor Jackson

    I recently went through this same scenario.  In order to lessen the number of variables, I connected directly to the M1 serial port using a terminal program (PuTTY, Hyperterminal, SecureCRT).

    From there, I was able to determine that only output from the M1 was working (ie nothing I sent to the M1 was being received) but I would see the XK ping command normally sent to the XEP by the M1.

    Because I was chasing a recent “power event” (lightning), I figured the M1 232 RX interface had suffered damage.  I ordered the 232 chip (Max Linear SP3232ECT, ~$1.35) and replaced it on the M1 board.   This fixed my problem.

    Thanks! I think I’ll try connecting directly to the serial port with terminal software to see what results I get.

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