M1 Support Forum Is my XEP in need of repair? Reply To: Is my XEP in need of repair?


    Mr. Weeks, it is good to see that you are still around helping people.  Thank you for your reply.

    I apologize — I should have included at least that much information in my initial post.

    • M1 XEP Firmware is 2.0.46
    • ElkRP2 Version 2.0.40
    • The only instances of “Ethernet Trouble” in the log are related to loss of power at the house.

    In the category of “I don’t know if this helps or not,”

    • We also run HomeSeer (with the Elk Plugin), and there are numerous communication errors there.  They are all related to “no response/improper response” to various cv#### commands.
    • We also use M1 Touch Pro apps on our phones and connectivity there is very very spotty as well.
    • Again, a direct Serial connection is flawless (as always).

    Let me know of any further information that you may need…..thanks!

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