M1 Support Forum Is my XEP in need of repair? Reply To: Is my XEP in need of repair?


    Evening Brad,

    Yes, the non-secure port has always been enabled and HomeSeer is configured correctly.  It has typically worked well.  I’m not terribly concerned about those nuisance errors at the moment.  I’m mostly concerned about the recent inability to reliably connect remotely (or even locally).  This was all brought to light during a recent wind event that blew open an unsecured door and we were unable to silence the alarm from work.  I’m sure the neighbors were not pleased.

    As of yet, I have been unable to quickly and easily connect to the system to run your requested trace.  I have temporarily disconnected the XEP from our network as I found it was creating creating issues with my wife’s work laptop (her latency disappeared once I removed the XEP connection).  I will make a more concerted effort to connect and forward the results over the weekend….thanks!

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