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Mike Morris

    Email functionality failure would make sense if the default gateway used in the Digi hardware does not reflect the correct gw set in the TCP/IP settings. A trace of the Email test shows it going through the motions using basically the correct Email settings (although the trace info is not very comprehensive).

    (xxx’s used to obfuscate any potentially sensitive data)

    00:00:06 RpComms XEP TestEmail
    00:00:06 Send Email 1
    00:00:06 Send Email Subject: Email Alert
    00:00:06 Send Email GlobalSMTPType: 0, DNSGood: False, GlobalSMTPAddr:  xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx  (correct IP for mail server is displayed)

    (email body details omitted)

    00:00:06 Send Email mailserv: 00xxxxxx
    00:00:06 Send Email MCSetDomain returned 0
    00:00:06 Send Email MCSetSmtpAuthentication returned 0
    00:00:06 Send Email MCNewMail returned 0, mailid=00xxxxxx

    I don’t know if the return codes above are normal or not.

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