M1 Support Forum Z-Wave lock with ISY994ZW Reply To: Z-Wave lock with ISY994ZW

Adam Fenn

    I see that the partners page for Kwikset Z-Wave locks says they’re connected via the M1XEP and the ISY994i ZW+, which is what I have.


    I have looked at the ISY INSTEON video on the Elk Products channel. It says that locks shouldn’t be added as lights, and that the ISY is not a path to Z-Wave support, but that comment must be dated as the partner link specifies the ISY.


    I have also watched the Z-Wave video on the Elk Products channel.  That one is based on the Leviton products and uses text strings sent via serial port to control locks.  With the M1XEP, there’s not really a serial sport, but I specified 0, it’s connected to the onboard serial port.  That didn’t work.

    Any tips or links to documentation would be great!




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