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    I have a Schlage Z-Wave Connect Smart Deadbolt, Model FE469NX. After I added the Z-Wave lock to the ISY, the ISY showed 6 device nodes (see image below).  5 with the bell icon are for lock alarms. The 6th is a door icon and represents the actual lock/unlock mechanism.

    To unlock the lock, I created a scene on the ISY called “Pantry Front Door – Unlock” which I exported to the Elk.  I believe you could do the same by importing the actual device instead, but I see you didn’t have any luck using that approach.

    Once imported to the Elk, it is referenced it from the Lighting tab.  I set the Type as “On/Off Switch”.

    I created a Rule on the Elk that, when triggered, issues the following command to run my scene on the ISY to unlock the door:

    THEN TURN Pantry Front Do [2 (A2)] ON, FADE RATE = 0

    I realize FADE RATE isn’t relevant to the lock, but Elk automatically includes it.  I assume it’s ignored.

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