M1 Support Forum XEP Email Connection Error Log Reply To: XEP Email Connection Error Log

Brad Weeks

    Under the M1XEP Setup, TCP/IP Setting tab make sure you have a valid Primary DNS Server IP entered. You may want to try using the Default Gateway as the Primary DNS Server IP. If  running ElkPR2 version 2.0.40 connect to the M1 and then under the M1XEP Setup:

    • Click Trace
    • Click Select ALL, click Show Setup, Click Resume
    • If necessary move the Trace window in order to go back to the M1XEP Setup and under the Email Tab click TEST which will send Email #1
    • Check to see if the email/text was received including checking the SPAM and JUNK folders
    • If unsuccessful under the Trace window click “”Copy to clipboard”, paste the data into and email and forward to techsupport@elkproducts.com with a brief note


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