M1 Support Forum Elk Costumer Service Reply To: Elk Costumer Service

Brad Weeks

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience when reaching out to us today. Was this in regards to the ElkRP Access Code? The ElKRP Access code is a six digit code that can only be viewed and changed while connected to the system using the ElkRP2 software. Through keypad programming you can view the Serial Number (8 digit number) of the system (Globals G43) but not the ElkRP Access Code. In order to connect to the M1EZ8 you must have the ELK M1EZ8MSI Interface which connects to J5 on the M1EZ8. Using the MSI Interface you can direct connect to the M1EZ8 using a USB to RS232 Serial Cable or over the Local Area Network using the M1XEP.

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