M1 Support Forum Arming just turns itself off after bypass Reply To: Arming just turns itself off after bypass

Brad Weeks

    Are you arming from the keypad or an APP or Home Automation Software? When you attempt to arm does the Exit Delay Start? Create a PDF copy of the programming, retrieve the entire M1 LOG and forward to techsupport@elkproducts.com

    • Connect to the system, click the Send/Rcv Icon, click “Receive ALL” to make sure you have the most recent programming in the system.
    • Click File, click Save Account
    • Click the Print Icon on the Toolbar
    • From the Print Dialog Box Check “This Account” and then click “Preview”
    • From the ElkRP Account Report Dialog box “Select All“
    • Click OK
    • From the ElkRP Account Report Screen click the “Export Report” Icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
    • From the Export Report Screen File Name:
    • Save as Type: <Select Adobe Acrobat PDF> or Word Doc
    • Save to your Desktop and then attach to an email and forward
    • Click the LOG Icon on the Toolbar and Receive Entire LOG
    • Save as a csv file and forward
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