M1 Support Forum ELK-930 Doorbell Detector with Video Doorbell Reply To: ELK-930 Doorbell Detector with Video Doorbell


    Hi Elvis!

    I also tried unsuccessfully to incorporate the ELK-930 into my Hikvision DS-HD1 video doorbell setup. Your video doorbell hookup looks similar to mine.

    I use a Functional Devices RIBM24C control relay to detect when the video doorbell button is pressed. I wired the RIBM24C comm & 24VAC connections to the power kit that came with my video doorbell. The RIBM24C has N/O and N/C outputs which triggers an input zone on my M1, which in turn triggers a rule to play a sound using an ELK-124 sound module.

    Information on the RIBM24C can be found here:  https://www.functionaldevices.com/product/ribm24c



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