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      I have been successfully using the ELK-930 with a conventional illuminated push button door bell and my electronic chime.  I have the Elk M1 programmed to send me a MMS text message to my cell phone.    The only caveat is that I had to add a delay in re-arming the zone input to allow for the electronic chime to finish playing its electronic melody, thus eliminating the need for the separate ELK-960


      I have since installed a video doorbell, Lorex B451AJD, which does not use the cloud, no recurring extortion fee, stores video locally on a SD card, support multiple simultaneous RTSP streams (NVR options are available).


      The problem is the ELK-930 has a fixed 900 mA minimum current detection threshold, and connecting the ELK-930 in series with the 24 VAC doorbell transformer, the ELK-930 continuously trips, flooding me with notifications.  I will likely create additional problem when I add a second video doorbell to my back door.


      1. Is there a way adjust the ELK-930 current detection threshold?

      2. Is there a different ELK device that would be compatible with video doorbells?

      3. Is there another third party device or circuit that would be comparable with video doorbells?


      Thanks in advance,






        Hi Elvis!

        I also tried unsuccessfully to incorporate the ELK-930 into my Hikvision DS-HD1 video doorbell setup. Your video doorbell hookup looks similar to mine.

        I use a Functional Devices RIBM24C control relay to detect when the video doorbell button is pressed. I wired the RIBM24C comm & 24VAC connections to the power kit that came with my video doorbell. The RIBM24C has N/O and N/C outputs which triggers an input zone on my M1, which in turn triggers a rule to play a sound using an ELK-124 sound module.

        Information on the RIBM24C can be found here:  https://www.functionaldevices.com/product/ribm24c




          Brian,  Thanks.

          I picked up an adjustable current sense relay and ran the common transformer wire through the inductive coil.   I need to take into account steady state current of two (2) video doorbells.  The LED light on video doorbells add another small amount if current.  I am hoping I can set the detection threshold to only detect the mechanical chime solenoid. I can loop the wire multiple times though the coil to improve sensitivity.

          I have it wired up temporarily until I switch to a mechanical chime and install a second video doorbell.  I already upgraded the transformer to a 16vac/30watt.  I’d post pictures of it in action, but we are not allowed to.  🙁

          If my solution does not work reliably, I’ll give yours a try.


          Thanks, again













            I installed the mechanical chime and the transformer common through the current sense relay. Works amazingly well!

            Of course the electrician the builder used to connect up the convention single doorbell push button and original mechanical chime did not wire  it correctly or label anything.

            Waiting on the second video doorbell to arrive.

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