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Lewis Hipkins

    I tried to comment a couple of times but I think the screen shots caused it to not post.

    I have my M1 intergrated with my Hubitat C7 hub, using this driver.   I’ve had great success with doing this.       Each zone on my Elk, shows up as a device in the Hubitat, and I can write rules based on the status of zones and use them as triggers.

    This the post where I started.  https://community.hubitat.com/t/release-elk-m1-integration/24664

    Once I loaded the drivers,  I can see all of my zones, keypads and even the siren as devices.    I have a detached garage, connected with a wireles bridge and a second hub, and I can also control devices both ways, between the hub and the Elk out there.  With the Sonos driver,  I have it saying “Door Open”, every time someone opens the house door, so in the Garage,  I get an alert.   Similar to the spoken voice from the Elk system.

    I’m working on my gate, and the 3rd hub will be out there, to provide connectivity to a Zen17, so I can open and close the gate, and to know gate status, which will blink a Function button on the Elk keypad.  Pressing that button will toggle the gate.

    I’ve had this running since March and have no issues at all so far.     I can try and post some photos somehow in another post.

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