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    Dan Zister

      I’ve been looking into integrating lighting into my M1 system.  Understanding the options available in 2022 has been challenging.

      I understand that a Z-wave interface (with Leviton; M1XSLZW) was previously available but is no longer.  Presumably the only way for ELK to talk Zwave (or Zigbee) is through a hub such as HomeSeer, ISY, or Home Assistant.  I’d appreciate if someone could confirm this.

      Also, re UPB switches I understand ELK sells the M1PCSPIM however interfacing could also be done through an M1XSP connected to a (DB-9 version of a) PIM-R.  I’d appreciate if someone could confirm this as well.


      Brad Weeks


        Originally the M1 System could integrate with ZWave Lighting, Thermostats and Locks through the ELK M1XSLZW Interface communicating to the Leviton VRC0P. The ZWave network was setup using the Leviton Software and the Leviton ZWave UPB “Stick”. Once the ZWave network was configured the information was then loaded into the VRC0P which would communicate to the ELK M1XSLZW. Leviton has Discontinued the VRC0P and therefore ELK discontinued the M1XSLZW Interface.


        At this time the only way for the M1 System to interface with ZWave is through the ISY994i ZW+ or the IISY994i ZW+/ IR Pro from Universal Devices https://www.universal-devices.com/elk/ :

        Which may now have been replaced with their new Polisy interface. For additional information please reach out to Universal Devices. Currently no ZigBee interface is available.


        The M1PCSPIM is the M1XSP configured for UPB Lighting as well as the PCS PIM R interface in an all in one package. You could also use the M1XSP with the PCS PIM R to control UPB lighting. You cannot setup the PCS Lighting Network using the M1PCSPIM but could use the PCS R (will need a USB to RS232 cable).

        Pete Gregar

          I use ISY994i ZW and ELK M1 with no issues.

          I think you have to also buy the Elk M1 plugin from ISY

          Jeff Rose

            I use HomeSeer with the UltraM1G3 plugin. It works well and is easier to program than the M1. On the down side, if you only need lighting control, it’s another device and software system to maintain but I use HomeSeer for a lot of things so the M1 is just another I/O subsystem for me.

            William Turner

              Thanks for the HomeSeer suggestion @Jeff Rose.   Regrettably, Universal Devices does not have the Polisy or Polisy Pro available (supply chain issues) and it’s possible that it might not return (Universal Devices is apparently working on an “Eisy” replacement that wouldn’t have internal Z-Wave/Zibee module).

              Went with the HomeTroller Pi as it has the 700 Series Z-Wave controller including S2 security built-in and allows frequency selection so it’s international supported.   Using the UltraM1G3 plugin (currently an HS3 plugin, hopefully will be updated for HS4 at some point).

              Lewis Hipkins

                I tried to comment a couple of times but I think the screen shots caused it to not post.

                I have my M1 intergrated with my Hubitat C7 hub, using this driver.   I’ve had great success with doing this.       Each zone on my Elk, shows up as a device in the Hubitat, and I can write rules based on the status of zones and use them as triggers.

                This the post where I started.  https://community.hubitat.com/t/release-elk-m1-integration/24664

                Once I loaded the drivers,  I can see all of my zones, keypads and even the siren as devices.    I have a detached garage, connected with a wireles bridge and a second hub, and I can also control devices both ways, between the hub and the Elk out there.  With the Sonos driver,  I have it saying “Door Open”, every time someone opens the house door, so in the Garage,  I get an alert.   Similar to the spoken voice from the Elk system.

                I’m working on my gate, and the 3rd hub will be out there, to provide connectivity to a Zen17, so I can open and close the gate, and to know gate status, which will blink a Function button on the Elk keypad.  Pressing that button will toggle the gate.

                I’ve had this running since March and have no issues at all so far.     I can try and post some photos somehow in another post.

                Lewis Hipkins

                  Seems If I do more than one link in a post, it gets flagged.

                  https://www.dropbox.com/s/5za0kbraip5ta5u/elk%20m1%20hubitat.JPG?dl=0   Elk keypad commends in Hubitat device page

                  Lewis Hipkins
                    Lewis Hipkins
                      Lewis Hipkins

                        https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmxn5dq6wttve3z/m1%20config.JPG?dl=0     Where I set the config info to connect the two together.

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