M1 Support Forum Bell card/ Wireless keypad. Reply To: Bell card/ Wireless keypad.

Brad Weeks

    We have the M1XOVR which has 8 Relays and 8 Low Voltage Outputs and is supervised over the M1’s Data Bus. If the M1XOVR goes missing the M1 will log and display Missing Expansion Module.  The M1XOVR can be addressed 2-12 to give you Outputs 17 – 192. If you can also connect the M1RB to the M1XOVR to convert the 8 Low Voltage Outputs into physical relay outputs. The ELK P212S is a 12 VDC 2 AMP Supervised Power Supply which connects to the M1 Data Bus and has one relay output you can use with Rules. The ELK P212S take up a keypad location on the M1 Data Bus and the M1 will support up to 16 keypads.

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