M1 Support Forum GMX Email No Longer Supported? Reply To: GMX Email No Longer Supported?

Brad Weeks

    After setting up the Google APP Password you should have been given a 16 digit code. In the M1XEP Setup:

    1. Server UPL/IP Address: smtp.gmail.com
    2. FROM is the “FROM email address for the account
    3. Port 465
    4. Username: the Username to log into the email account
    5. Password: The 16 digit Code provided by Google
    6. Under the TCP/IP Setting tab make sure to have a valid Primary DNS Server IP
    7. Click Send and allow the M1XEP to reboot
    8. Reconnect to the M1 system
    9. Under the M1XEP Setup click Trace, click Select ALL, click Show Setup, click Resume
    10. Under the Email Tab click “Test” which will send Email #1 (make sure the #1 Email Address is correct)
    11. After approximately 20 seconds from the Trace window click Copy To Clipboard” paste the data into an email and forward to techsupport@elkproducts.com with a brief note and we will look at the data
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