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    Eric Bailey

      I am using GMX Email for text notifications from my M1XEP.  I recently discovered I am no longer receiving any notifications.  I check my GMX account and this message was sent to me:

      “We are contacting you because one or more of your devices or programs uses the TLS 1.0 and/or TLS 1.1 encryption protocols to connect to our GMX email servers. This involves either access via SMTP (sending emails) or retrieval via POP3/IMAP (receiving emails). Unfortunately, the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 encryption protocols are outdated and no longer meet current security standards. To protect your email communications, soon we will no longer allow access to our GMX servers with these outdated protocols. After the protocols have been deactivated, the transfer of emails between your affected device or program and our GMX servers will no longer work; i.e. no emails will be transmitted to or from your GMX email account using TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1.”

      So I am assuming GMX is no longer available to use with the M1XEP?  Is there a workaround for this or should I switch to Gmail or someone else?  The “Recommended Email Service Providers” application note still says GMX is supported but may have not be updated.  The Email Security Settings application note that just came out doesn’t address this either.

      Bruce Cowan

        I have been using a Gmail account for sending alarms and alerts from my M1XEP.  I recently received a similar message from Google.  “On May 30, you may lose access to apps that are using less secure sign-in technology. To help keep your account secure, Google will no longer support the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password. Instead, you’ll need to sign in using Sign in with Google or other more secure technologies, like OAuth 2.0.

        My Gmail no longer works.

        I too am looking for alternatives?

        Eric Bailey

          I know Elk did release an application note about the changes to Gmail (and other services like Yahoo and AOL email) and that workaround can be found here:

          Email Security Settings – Using App Passwords for Gmail and Yahoo with the M1XEP

          But that workaround doesn’t mention GMX or SMTP2Go which are two other email providers Elk recommends using.  So check out that link above and see if that works for you.  I still need to know if there is anything that can be done about GMX.

          Bruce Cowan

            thanks for this Eric

            I followed the instructions and it works!

            Best of luck with your issue

            Eric Bailey

              Any updates?  Or should I just switch to gmail.  I don’t mind waiting if this needs to be figured out but would like some sort of timeframe.

              Jarek Bicki

                I have absolutely no luck sending a test e-mail from the M1XEP, even though I use this new google e-mail policy with other devices, like ISY for instance.

                I have 2FA enabled but in the google settings I see no options for creating a site password, to add an “app” password, or any other way to edit communication settings in M1XEP setup to ask for google login, so what to do at this point? Are there any other e-mail providers that are easier to deal with?

                Brad Weeks

                  After setting up the Google APP Password you should have been given a 16 digit code. In the M1XEP Setup:

                  1. Server UPL/IP Address: smtp.gmail.com
                  2. FROM is the “FROM email address for the account
                  3. Port 465
                  4. Username: the Username to log into the email account
                  5. Password: The 16 digit Code provided by Google
                  6. Under the TCP/IP Setting tab make sure to have a valid Primary DNS Server IP
                  7. Click Send and allow the M1XEP to reboot
                  8. Reconnect to the M1 system
                  9. Under the M1XEP Setup click Trace, click Select ALL, click Show Setup, click Resume
                  10. Under the Email Tab click “Test” which will send Email #1 (make sure the #1 Email Address is correct)
                  11. After approximately 20 seconds from the Trace window click Copy To Clipboard” paste the data into an email and forward to techsupport@elkproducts.com with a brief note and we will look at the data
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