M1 Support Forum Elk issue after power failure Reply To: Elk issue after power failure

Robert Du Gaue

    Is your M1XEP set for DHCP or Static? Try to use the M1XEP defaults, I’ve had it factory default itself sometimes with power issues and static loosing it’s config so have to switch to DHCP or use the default static IP. For default static, you’ll need to setup you PC/Laptops IP to the network the M1XEP is on. IP address is, so set your PC/Laptop to and try with that.  There’s also a jumper on the M1XEP that you can use to default that if it’s in an unknown state.

    From the manual:

    “Note the IP address in the third column. This is the address used to connect/communicate with the M1XEP. Remember, if a DHCP server is on the network and the M1XEP is still set for DHCP (factory default), this number will most likely be a “dynamic” address. However, in the absence or failure of a DHCP server, the M1XEP will default to its last static IP address, which is set from the factory to To force the DHCP/IP address settings to known values, please refer to the troubleshooting section of this manual on page 25″

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