M1 Support Forum C1M1 Isssues? Reply To: C1M1 Isssues?

Kris Nelson

    INTERESTING     ? define locking up?   We too have 50% success rate with connectivity to elklink. M1 System comes up and says failure to communicate, sometimes we can get it to clear with manual test sent through Menu 8. And more often than not, reboot clears for present time until few weeks go by.

    Killer issue which is burning up a lot of tech time, with no discernible issue or correction measure available,  is the M1 beeping for “Ethernet loss” error. The system will ping C1M1, all three,  lights will be lit on unit, then 4 hours, two days, week, it goes back to ethernet problem. Sometimes it will reconnect, though seldom. Then it goes silent, unit “offline”status on Elklink portal.  The beeping is becoming a customer complaint issue,

    All units have set IP addresses reserved, ports forwarded, and on first incoming router.  Wondering what to try next

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