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    Brannon Fussell

      We have put around 10 C1M1 units in place and have had problems with almost half of them locking up. At least 2 of them have been bad from the box. Our company is new to monitoring security systems and we are wondering if we are doing something wrong with the setup of these units. We also have 3 different types of control systems talking to them. It doesn’t matter what system is connected to the units, we have had the same issues. The C1M1 will lock up and need to be rebooted to connect to Telgard, ElkLink and the control system. Once or twice we had to reboot the unit and default it to get it back on the network and working again.  I have never had these issues with the M1XEP. We are thinking that we will just spec an M1XEP for control communication and use a Telguard TG4 as a cell backup if wanted.

      Please, if anyone has any ideas let me know.

      Dave Febbraio

        We have the same issue across multiple units.  I’ll be following this to see about any resolutions.  Unfortunately i cannot offer you any help as I am here searching this thread because I am in the middle of a reboot process with a client now…


        John Galt

          I have the same issue.  I just replaced my M1XEP with a C1M1 about two months ago.  Twice it has failed to connect and required the power to be reset.  Once the power has been reset it works fine.

          I have my firewall setup to log everything coming from the C1M1.  If it is locked up or not every two minutes it was sending a UDP request on port 53 which I presume was a DNS query.  Once it was rebooted I can see the requests to external servers on port 8888, 8899, 3066, etc. which should be the ones connecting to Telgard.

          When the system locked up it still appeared to be sending the DNS queries, but not the queries to Telgard.  I could also not connect to it using EkRP (local network and C1M1 proxy), but I didn’t try mini USB.

          I thought about an automation rule that would flip a relay to reset power if there is an ethernet trouble.  However, this is pretty annoying considering the C1M1 is supposed to be an upgrade from the M1XEP and separate Uplink module that was a part of the cellular sunset.


          Is anyone else having this issue?  Any suggestions?



          John Galt

            I should also add that I was getting an E07 error (Unable to communicate with M1) both times.  The serial cable is firmly connected.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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