M1 Support Forum C1M1 Isssues? Reply To: C1M1 Isssues?

John Galt

    Well I am stuck and don’t know what else to try.  It got stuck with an E07 error again which prevents my from connecting to it remotely or locally until I do a power reset.  I am on the most recent firmware for ELK M1G and the LTEA.  I am routinely getting 4 bars of signal strength.

    I don’t know what else to do other than remove the C1M1 and use a different communicator.  Any other suggestions?

    Does the Elk M1G know that the C1M1 is locked up?  I was thinking I could setup a rule to use switch a relay for a few seconds to reboot the C1M1 has a connection error.  I don’t know if this status is reported to the M1G over the serial port.

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