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Brad Weeks

    Have you tried using the ElkRP2 software to create a New Default Account , connecting to the system and Receiving ALL? To get started you will need the M1 Serial Number located on the bottom of the M1’s black plastic housing and hopefully you remember the RP Access Code — the factory default is 246801. In ElKRP2:

    • Click File and New Account
    • Account ID is the name you assign to the system
    • System Type M1G
    • M1 Serial Number
    • RP Access Code {the one you used originally or if default 246801)
    • Select either 5.x.x for newer systems or the 4.x.x for older systems using the GE/CADDX NX Wireless Receivers
    • Click OK
    • I would suggest a direct Serial Connection to the system first
    • Click Setup, Communication, under Direct Connect select the COM Port Windows has assigned to your USB to RS232 Serial Cable
    • Click the Connection Icon, On-Site Local, PC Serial or USB Serial Convertor to Device
    • If successful Conflicts will be Found, click ON and then at the bottom click Select All and Receive Checked Items into Data Base — Make sure to RECEIVE Checked Items
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