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Michael Burrell


    Thank you for your interest in ELK Products. Your initial assessment is on the right track. The M1 Control has been our flagship offering, a well-proven system with a wide range of integrations and functions, as well as supporting products. The Alarm Engine platform introduces the new line of controls, with the E27 being the first model offered. We will be adding additional supporting products and offerings as this line matures.

    The M1 targets the automation and high-end security market, competing with controls like HAI, Apex, etc. However, the M1 is versatile and can be used in various applications, albeit recognized as one of the more premium-priced controls on the market.

    The Alarm Engine E27 is aimed at the middle market, catering to security dealers interested in smart home automation. While the E27 inherits successful rule configurations from the M1, it is a powerful control with distinct features, although not matching the full range of capabilities of the M1. We developed our own app for the E27, offering native Z-Wave control and a dedicated backend support system. is exclusive to the Alarm Engine Controls, while the M1 utilizes third-party applications and backend support.

    The M1 boasts 208 inputs, including 144 wireless ones, compatible with ELK’s 900MHz Two-Way, 345MHz, and 319MHz. The E27, with 128 inputs, supports both wired and wireless configurations, along with ELK’s 900MHz Two-Way and 319MHz; the implementation of 345MHz is pending.

    Unlike the E27, the M1 has voice capabilities. Programming-wise, the M1 supports keypad and our RP2 software, while the E27 currently only supports app programming.

    These are just a few differences in the product offerings. If you would like more information, you can chat with David Watkins, our inside technical sales rep. He is an industry veteran and would love to discuss controls with you at

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions; we are happy to assist.


    Mike Burrell




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