M1 Support Forum Error on ELKRP2 startup after update Reply To: Error on ELKRP2 startup after update


    No Worries….Problem solved.

    Since I was at a loss on what to do about those errors, I took a new approach, actually two. The first did not work, but the second did.

    1. I tried to export the account from RP 2.0.24, and then import it into 2.0.40. I was bombarded with errors, so I abandoned that.

    2. I created a new account in RP 2.0.40, connected to the M1, and uploaded all of the configuration from the M1. It took two connections before everything was captured (strange?). It looks all OK. I did have to re-type all of my comments in the rules, but that only took about 10 minutes.

    It seems OK now.

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