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Brad Weeks

    You will need to use the JP2 jumper on the M1XEP and the instructions on page 18 of the M1XEP Installation Manual to make sure the M1XEP is in DHCP Mode (Green LED blinking once per second) and once Green LED is blinking once per second remove the JP2 Jumper and allow the M1XEP to reboot. Once rebooted:

    • OPen ElkRP2 version 2.0.40 and your Account
    • Click Setup, Options, Network Adapters
    • Under Network Adapters in the dropdown you should see the IP Address of your PC on the LAN
    • Highlight the IP of your PC, click OK and close the Network Adapter
    • Click the M1XEP Setup, click FIND and ElkRP2 should Find the M1XEP on the LAN
    • The IP of your PC and the M1XEP should be within the same range — for example PC and M1XEP
    • Highlight the IP of the M1XEP, click Use Selected and close the M1XEP Setup
    • On the Account Detail Screen System URL/IP will be the IP of the M1XEP on the LAN
    • Port should be 2601 and the option to Connect Non-Secure should NOT be checked
    • Try the connection again and if successful click Send/Rcv, Enroll/Update Control and Devices and the last item in the list is the M1XEP which should be running Firmware 2.0.48
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