Alarm Engine Support Forum Touch screen Reply To: Touch screen

Michael Burrell


    I apologize for the any confusion, but the Alarm Engine verison of the touch screen is not offically released. What you you see as the AE application is very early “place holder” application that we put on the touch screen in order to allow us to update it once the official application was ready for the touch screen. It is not intended to function.

    We started shipping the touch screens for M1 customers that want to utilize it, the application for M1 use is ready for release.

    I would intent was to have the M1 and AE version ready to ship together, but we encountered some personnel setbacks in the software development of the 7” touchscreen app that interfaces with the E27 Alarm Engine. While we are actively working to catch up on the developement, it has significantly delayed the product’s release. Although I cannot provide a solid timeline at this moment, my best estimate is that we are still a few months away from release. We went ahead and allowed it to be purchased, but for M1 use only.



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