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    Eric Johnson

      Is anyone else having issues with the C1M1 communicators?  I have several that display “Ethernet Trouble” on the keypad and the Elk Link light is out.  I have to remove the cover and press the tamper button 15 times and even then it sometimes takes several reboots to get it back online and then one day it’s offline again.  This is happening at several sites and as far as I know there are not any network changes going on.  I’ve updated firmware and replaced communicators with the same results.  Any thoughts?



      John Galt

        I have the same issue.  It has locked up twice on me in just two months.  Just rebooting the C1M1 (pulling the power for a second) fixed it for me both times.

        I was getting an E07 error prior to needing the reboot.

        Eric Johnson

          It seems to be at sites that have little to no cell signal.  Other sites with decent cell signal seem to stay online.  Even though they all have a solid Internet connection.

          John Galt

            That is interesting.  I do have poor signal strength (two bars via the C1M1 LCD display).  I have already ordered a remote antenna to help but I haven’t received it yet.  The whole point of dual path is so that if I have poor cellular I can use the internet as a backup.  Knowing that I might have Ethernet issues if I have cellular issues is not exactly what I want to hear.

            Thanks again.  I will try with the remote antenna and see if it makes a difference.

            I also do have a number of different things connect to it over the network.  Two eK M1 clients, two different home automation platforms that are constantly connected, etc.

            Eric Johnson

              Yes, all other network devices remain connected.  Just the C1M1 drops off.  Very frustrating.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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