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    Doug Modlin

      My M1Gold system was installed in 2006 and has been working fine since then.  Recently, after a power outage, I tried to access the system through the dial in facility.  After dialing 4*’s the system asks for my access code but then doesn’t recognize it when I key it in.  After 7 seconds, it says “hanging up” but the line stays connected until I hand up the phone on my end.  I seem to remember that it would disconnect itself after it said hanging up.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might cause this type of failure other than some kind of physical circuit damage or data corruption due to a power spike?  I am able to get the system to call me and to respond when I hit certain keys as dictated by a rule I set up so the dialer appears to be generally intact,  Also, I am able to access the system with ELK RP software.  That said, my M1 board is very old (seep info below) and I am running a version of ELK RP (not sure where to find version #) on an old PC running Windows XP.

      Do I need to purchase a new M1 board or is there a way to recover the dialer access?

      Thank you!

      Hardware: M1G

      Hardware version: 0.11

      Boot version: 3.1.15

      Firmware version: 4.3.1

      Voice list version 0.8

      Date installed 3/2006

      Brad Weeks

        Is the incoming Phone Service Plain Old Telephone service (POTs) over copper or VoIP ? Do you have a Telephone line surge suppressor and if so have you removed the suppressor to see if this makes a difference?

        Doug Modlin

          Thanks for your reply and good questions Brad.  I do not have a surge suppressor because the phone is VOIP.  It is provided by ATT by way of a phone connector on my wireless router which I have had and been using for many years.  The pone line seems to work find.  I can make and receive normal calls and the internal ELK dialer can make calls and it responds to key tones other than my security code.

          Brad Weeks

            Generally speaking VoIP can be hit or miss as far as hearing the DTMF tones . I think the system is fine and perhaps due to the power outage there could be simple more noise on the line.

            Doug Modlin

              You were correct, Brad!   I double checked and found that a call blocking device I had connected between the telco line and my phone was creating noise or distorting the tones.  When I removed it, the system again was able to recognize my access code and respond properly. Thank you very much!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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