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    Jean Robert STRELE


      I recently had to replace my M1 Gold and M1XEP. 5.3.10 and 5.0.46 respectively. RP is 2.0.40.

      Once I received the new units, I updated the SN in the M1XEP, found the new M1XEP IP and uploaded the DB to the panel. Initially it didn’t want to receive all of the data. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

      Today I decided to add some additional sensors to the system (hardwired). In the process of wiring them, the DIP switches of one of the M1XIN moved and I couldn’t get the sensors to work. When I tried to ENROLL, #04 showed up as #11 and I ended up with a 16 new zones, which I don’t have. I corrected the dip switch positions to #04 and reinrolled. All is working, EXCEPT:

      Whenever I log on with RP, it shows the 16 zones of M1XIN #11 still in the SYSTEM. When I tell the conflict resolver to upload the DB into the panel, it refuses,  because those zones don’t exist…

      So I tried downloading the #11’s 16 zones into the DB, saved/disconnected/reconnected. Then I rightclicked the hardwire #11 and asked it to REMOVE. I can tell from the dialog box that it is removing from the DB and SENDING to the panel. So far so good. I do a save and check for conflict. The same non-existent 16 zones show up again!

      Any ideas?

      The next problem is similar. I had an AREA 6 with my previous panel. When I did the original sync, it didn’t want to upload it to the panel. It says that it is uploading and if I do a download, it does do it too. But once I disconnect and reconnect, it shows the conflict again, saying that Area 6 doesn’t exit on the the system… I tried deleting it from the DB and adding again. I also tried adding areas 7&8. Same behaviour…

      Any ideas what might be going on here?



      Jean Robert STRELE

        As a follow up, I also tried to set the M1XIN dipswitches back to #11, reinrolled, downloaded to DB and then removed again by rightclicking the harwired #11. Then set the switch back to #4 and reinrolled.

        No dice, those 16 zones belonging to #11 still show up.


        Brad Weeks

          Verify the DIP Switches for the M1XIN are set correctly — for address #4 DIP Switch 3 UP and the rest down. Once set power cycle the M1XIN. Under the Send/Rcv Icon, Enroll/Update Control and devices make sure the M1XIN’s are enrolled at their correct addresses. Under Zone (Inputs) highlight any unwanted Groups, right-click and Remove the Group and Send to Control. Under Areas highlight any unwanted Areas, right-click and Remove Area, Send to Control — save your account. After disconnecting and reconnecting if you still receive the Conflict with Zone Inputs and/or Areas you may need to default the system through keypad programming —- Menu 9 Installation Programming, 07- Globals System Definitions, G45- Default Control, right arrow and type 99 — Entire System. Once complete reconnect and Send All to the system.

          Jean Robert STRELE

            Thanks Brad;

            I did confirm that the dipswitches were set to #4 (switch 3 UP). After recycling power to the M1XIN, it still showed up with all the zones of #11.

            I then did a G45-99 system reset. Same problem!!!

            Then I did another G45-99 and cycled the power to the whole system, including the #4 M1XIN.

            That did the trick on the phantom zones. THANK YOU!

            However, part II of the problem remains. The panel will not accept Area6.

            I create a new  Area 6 (called CAMERAS, all values default) in RP, send it to Control. all seems fine. I slightly change the options in RP and do a RECEIVE Area6. It receives it alright, correcting the option that I had just changed…

            I disconnect RP and reconnect. It gives me a conflict with Area6. When I say RECEIVE into DATABASE, it returns the error “Cannot Upload Area6. It does not exist on the system”.

            So, I send Area 6 to the sytem. If I do a RECEIVE Area6, it does so. BUT, if I do a CHECK FOR CONFLICTS, it flags Area 6 as not being present. And if I do a RECEIVE Area6, it receives nothing.

            Weird, eh?


            Brad Weeks

              Do you have a Zone or Keypad or User Code assigned to Area 6? Assign one Zone  Definition 16 Non-Alarm, Type 2 – Normally Open and retest

              Jean Robert STRELE

                That fixed it, thanks Brad.

                Weird thing is that some of my other Areas do not yet have zones or keypads assigned… yet they don’t have a problem staying put in the panel. Oh well.


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