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      Hi!  I am using an M1 to shutoff a WSV2 water valve whenever a water alarm is generated.  I struggled to get the following WHENEVER rule to trigger when the water alarm was acknowledged:

      THEN TURN Water Leak Alarm (Out 17) OFF

      To trigger the water alarm, I defined a zone as follows:

      Definition = (25=Water Alarm)
      Silent Alarm = (YES)

      The above zone definition worked to activate a water alarm, but the WHENEVER rule never triggered when a user code was entered to acknowledge the alarm. The only way I’ve managed to make the WHENEVER rule trigger, was to define the zone to generate an audible alarm as follows:

      Definition = (25=Water Alarm)
      Silent Alarm = (NO)

      To prevent the OUT1 alarm from sounding, I changed CUTOFF TIMER 10 (Watr Duration) from 600 to 0.

      This effectively accomplishes what I wanted, but I’m trying to understand why my first attempt did not work.  Are silent alarms not acknowledge-able in WHENEVER rules?

      Brad Weeks

        Rules cannot be triggered from zones which are programmed as Silent (for example 24-Police No Indication) or if “Silent Alarm” is selected as a Zone Attribute.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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