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      Just read through the C1M1 manual and it does not appear to specify if there are any restrictions in terms of M1 firmware versions. May we assume that the C1M1 will operate successfully with all M1 firmware versions? Are there any restrictions in terms of firmware levels? This may be important as some folks are not able to upgrade to the latest version of the M1 firmware as they still have the legacy ELK wireless receiver hardware.

      ELK Tech Support

        To be compliant and fully compatible with the ELK C1M1 Communicator the ELK M1 Control should be running Firmware 5.3.10 or later.

        M1 Installer

          This makes sense. Depending on how important it is to upgrade to 5.3.10, you may want to put this in the C1M1 manual as not everyone may be on the latest M1 firmware. For example, my customer can not upgrade as they still use the M1XRF2G, so they are stuck at M1 firmware 5.3.0. I’ll confirm that this is the last version of the M1 that supports the M1XRF2G and upgrade if there is a later version which supports that hardware. Second, I also believe that RP version 2.0.34 is required. If so, you may want to add that to the manual as well. Thank you!

          M1 Installer

            It appears that some of this information is contained in the C1M1 Setup Addendum.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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