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    Greg Taylor

      I had some trouble with the panic button being triggered on the Keychain Remote (6010 v2) because a set were stuffed into a bag, so I set Keyfob event Button 4 to disabled. Not realizing…. that would also render my Single Button Panic Remotes (6011) useless……

      Is there any way to disable button 4 on the 6010’s, but allow the 6011’s to work?

      Brad Weeks

        Under Wireless Setup for the 6011 Zone check OPT1 — with OPT1 checked Button 1 – 4 on the FOB will now be 5-8. In ElkRP2 under Wireless Setup (left-side below Zone (Inputs) , click Keyfob Events  set Button 8 for your activation  for example 23 = Police Alarm.

        Greg Taylor

          Wow, thanks Brad. That’s great news, and I would never have found that. Really appreciate the quick response.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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