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    Keith Belt

      Been a longtime installer of M1 systems, but now trying my first E27 install, so new to the app, the portal, and the Engine.   Have 2 issues:

      1) ElkConnect app keeps asking for PIN but I don’t recall seeing any place to set one up. Went through all the customer, panel, account, installer, and app menus and see no place for a PIN. And received no emails at myself or customer delivering a PIN.  What did I miss? How do I set the PIN?

      2) All this here may be due to lacking the PIN above, but ElkConnect and E27 only seem sort of connected.  On my phone, I can see the new panel, but can’t get past the PIN code.  Connecting to ElkConnect on a PC, the customer account and corresponding panel seem linked.  E27 panel is registered, customer subscription active, MAC address discovered, and “Cloud status” shows panel is online.

      But on the panel detail screen on the “Info” section at the bottom, none of the data populated so its acting like its not connected, and I get errors if I try to to manually enter anything.  The “System Settings” link just above is dimmed out like its unavailable (although I still get the hand when I hover) but nothing happens when I click on it.  And there’s a “Setup” header which doesn’t seem clickable, and if there’s supposed to be info under it, I don’t see anything.  Clicking on ReSync at bottom, I get error popup saying can’t process operation.

      Michael Burrell


        The pin that is being requested is the installer pin. The default is 1728.

        Connecting with the portal provides some information on the system and the ability to write rules. The configuration of the system is currently only supported in the app. The same Installer PIN is used in the portal and the app, you can configure your own custom pin via the app.



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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