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      I’ve had my Elk M1+XEP and UD ISY Insteon controller for 15+ years.  Love the integration.  My Elk primarily controls lights on security events and the ISY does all the more advance time based events and provides control via iOS apps and Alexa.

      With the official demise of Insteon (UD possibly acquiring Insteon not withstanding), at some point I will be selling my home and will need to replace any obsolete Insteon devices.

      So I was looking at possible switching out Insteon (as resources are available) with Lutron RA2 or Caséta, but I am looking for some advice on the different Elk adapters.


      Caséta Wireless – ELK-M1XSLC M1 Interface Kit for Lutron
      RA2 Select – ELK-M1XSLC M1 Interface Kit for Lutron
      Homeworks QS – ELK-M1XSLC M1 Interface Kit for Lutron (special firmware required)
      RadioRA 2 – ELK-M1XSLU M1 to Lutron RadioRA2 Serial Interface


      1. Elk control of lights based on security events only

      2. I still want to retain the XEP for remote programming and control

      3. Homekit support highly desired.

      4. Local and remote control via iOS apps (VPN acceptable).  No hard dependance on manufacturer provided cloud control.

      5. Devices readily available at BB stores or Amazon. No processionally installed proprietary  hardware.

      6. Fan controls would be nice.

      7. No need for thermostat to shade control.

      8. A technology that will likely still be supported in 10 years.


      1. Can I add an interface kit without loosing my XEP?

      2. Which one of the kits can I add to my existing M1?

      3. Which of the kits and Lutron hubs combinations would allow for local or remote control via iOS apps and/or Alexa/Homekit?


      Thanks in advance,







      William Turner

        Found out Insteon is back in business.  Acquired and the hub and other tech turned back on.

        I don’t use Insteon, but wanted to post this update here.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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