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    Holger Skurbe

      I am a retired alarm co owner and still can’t figure this out.

      Installed my first ELM M1 (never had the opportunity before) and I like it. BUT: I have to address BOTH keypads as #1 or they don’t work. Tried #2, #3, #4, but all say, “LOST COMMS” and the address number.

      They seem to work fine when both are addressed as #1. Go Figure. Yes I have the jumper on the last keypad. Ran CAT5e from the panel to keypad 1 then to the next keypad. Doubled up on the power wires to make sure there was no power issue.

      What am I missing? Should I just leave it this way?


      Brad Weeks

        Once you’ve set the address the keypad will display Keypad Address x LOST COMM until you perform the Bus Module Enrollment either from Keypad Address #1 or the ElkRP2 Software (Send/Rcv, Enroll/Update Control and Devices, click the Enroll button)

        Holger Skurbe

          Thanks! That is the one Step I missed.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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