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    Steve Jacobson

      I am looking for a keypad recommendation.  I want to use the keypad with an M1KAM.  I don’t need a prox card reader, but if that is the only way to find one, ok.

      I am currently using a Viking Electronics PRX-2 (which seems to work fine), but it it looks like the PRX-2 has gone bad, and I need a replacement.  Also, the cost of the PRX-2 has recently skyrocketed and I need to find a much less expensive alternative.

      The keypad is being used for access with a gate, and is being used outside, so it much be weatherproof.

      Thanks in advance.

      Brad Weeks

        The ELK M1 System supports the 26-Bit Wiegand Format outputs from a Prox Reader, Numeric Keypad as well as Biometric Reader. There are a number of manufactures offering 26-Bit Wiegand output keypads  including Rosslare Security, AWID, HID plus others

        Steve Jacobson

          I went to the websites of those mentioned, and none of them are advertising a 26 bit weigand keypad.

          What I an trying to find out if any other installers use keypads with the M1KAM, and what kind of keypad do they use.

          Steve Jacobson

            Has anyone used any of the Chinese 26 bit weigand keypads that are listed on Amazon?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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