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    Carl Orthoefer

      Hello, I am trying to reset my M1, but the M1 is not taking the new program thru RP.  I am able to connect to the board with RP, but each time I connect, RP reports conflicts.  I check the conflicted items in the yellow box and say “delete” (trying to get rid of the old program).  Then I send my new program to the M1, which goes without error.  However when I disconnect and reconnect, RP reports the same conflicts.  It is like the M1’s memory is not being reprogrammed.  I even tried defaulting the M1 thru a keypad with the installer menu 7 globals 45 and 99 “default entire control panel”.  Could there be something wrong with my M1’s memory?  Thanks.

      Brad Weeks

        After Sending the programming and checking for Conflicts what Items are still being shown as a Conflict?

        Carl Orthoefer

          Hi Brad,

          Thanks for responding.  I think I figured out my “problem”.  When I reset the panel at a keypad, the panel rebooted and auto enrolled all the devices on the bus which includes a number of keypads and input expanders.   The panel must allocate 16 zones for each input expander enrolled.  My new program in RP didn’t have all this hardware programmed into it (yet).  Hence repeated conflicts between RP and the system.  I didn’t realize the panel would auto enroll devices after being reset at the keypad.  Regards.

          Carl Orthoefer

            I can confirm that the “problem” was user error (mea culpa).  I pulled the connector for the expansion bus, and was able to delete the programming for the input expanders and keypads.  I learned the system must be configured for at least one keypad in RP,and to be aware of auto enrolls when defaulting the system from a keypad.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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