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      I’ve had an ELK at home for a while, and recently had one installed at our Lake House which uses StarLink for internet.  The phone connection to Alarm Relay works, but we can not get the internet working as a backup.  We get the Ethernet trouble when it tries.  We spoke with Alarm Relay and they are convinced that StarLink is somehow blocking the connection.  But I can telnet to their IP address and Port so it sees it just fine, but of course drops the connection immediately.  We even spoke with an IT person there who claimed it was because StarLink does not allow port forwarding, which make no sense because you don’t need port forwarding to connect out from the local network.  I know that StarLink uses CGNAT so I don’t have a public IP address which is what I assumed was the issue, but there are many ISP’s which use CGNAT.  Anyone have a clue on what we can do, or how to debug this?



      Brad Weeks
        • Open the Account
        • Click the M1XEP Setup
        • Click the “Trace” button
        • From the Trace window click Select All, click Show Setup, click Resume
        • Send a signal to your Central Station
        • If the signal is not received or acknowledged by your Central Station from the “Trace Window” click Copy To Clipboard,  paste the data into an email and forward to techsupport@elkproducts.com

          Will do when I am back on site or can get my VPN working, thanks Brad!



            Brad reviewed my logs and confirmed all was good, worked with Alarm Relay to test again and everything works fine.  No idea what was wrong when we originally tested but all good now.


            Jeff Rose

              JimBo, did you get the VPN working with RP2? I can’t seem to get that to work.


                Yes, I actually have a Firewalla Gold at my home and lake house, so the lake house Firewalla VPN’s to my home Firewalla, that way I can directly connect to devices at the lake house no matter where I am.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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