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    Frank Cris

      See attached image.

      The “Oil Tank LOW” message will only display after “Alert From M1 Fairplay” when I test the rule. Otherwise, when the rule is triggered automatically, it drops this “Oil Tank LOW” text. Oddly, there are a few other text notifications that will always display – like “Driveway Access”.





      Frank Cris

        Frank Cris
          Richard Reyes

            I have been having similar issues when M1 sends me texts when an outdoor gate sensor is opened, and when it closes.  I temporarily changed the email recipient from (my phone number)@vtext.com to (my Gmail username)@gmail.com.  So far it is working reliably.  I know it doesn’t explain why some of your text alerts seem to work on other zones, but so far for me it seems that sending emails via text is unreliable/delayed.  I will continue to monitor.  Ideally I would like texts versus emails as you probably do.

            Frank Cris

              This is something that used to work flawlessly. Maybe it’s Verizon. I noticed that if I duplicate the THEN line in the rule to send the text, it seems as if the second one always comes through,

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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