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    Steve Jacobson

      I have a system where there is 1 M1RFTWM.  I went to update the firmware with ELKRP2, and the update failed, and erased the on-board firmware.  I replaced that RFTWM with another, and when I went to enroll the new RFTWM, RP2 says that one of my keypads is inoperable, and the new RFTWM isn’t in the enrolled devices list.  I wired the new RFTWM in exactly like the old one.  I believe it is at the end of the bus, as there


      What is going on, and how do I get the wireless stuff back operational?

      Steve Jacobson

        Even though the installation manual says to terminate the bus, the old RFTWM had no termination jumper on, and when I took the termination jumper off and did an enroll, the keypad came back, but the RFTWM cannot be found.  The status light is slow blinking, but RP2 can’t find the RFTWM.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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