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    Rafael Aguilar


      I get the following message when trying to connect with PC to EZ8 controller using EZ8MSI interface: “System did not respond. Cannot detect baud rate setting”.

      -Baud rate set to 115200

      – ELKRP2 V. 2.0.38

      Tried to connect with terminal program (Putty, Serial port monitor) and nothing goes out from EZ8MSI interface. May I assume the interface needs to be replaced or RP code was changed? are there any other diagnose testing i could perform so to determine exactly what is going on? Thanks

      Brad Weeks

        Try updating ElkRP2 to version 2.0.40 and under Windows Device Manager, Ports (COM&LPT) what COM Port Number has Windows assigned to your USB to RS232 Cable? Once found right click, click Properties to make sure the Baud Rate or Port Speed is 115200. In ElkRP2 under Setup, Communication, Direct Connect is the same COM Port Number listed? If so select and click OK — Click the Connection Icon, On Site Local and select the first option in the list…


        Rafael Aguilar

          Thanks for your replay. I’m back to this problem.

          I updated ELKRP2 to V. 2.0.40, checked port settings.

          I need to find out whether EZ8MSI interface is working or not, i dont see anything coming out from it even if i set G35 and G40 to transmit inmediately through

          RS-232, i’m using Putty to monitor output. Can i assume Rs-232 interface is broken? is there any other means to test this interface?

          Brad Weeks

            Are you trying a Direct Serial Connection or a connection over the Local Area Network? Have you tried a different PC?

            Rafael Aguilar

              Hi. It’s a direct serial connection, but keep in mind that EZ8 controller card requires a serial interface box (EZ8MSI) to connect to a PC. I’m trying to figure out whether this box is working or not.

              Tried other PC? yes tried, same result

              Brad Weeks

                Reach out to techsupport@elkproducts.com for additional information on returning the M1EZ8 and MSI interface for evaluation.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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