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      I have recently purchased devices to wire the second floor of my house. I have a separate enclosure hosted on the second floor, with one M1DBH, one P212S, one M1XIN and a multitude of sensors and one keypad mounted on the second floor. The M1DBH is connected to the M1G via a CAT6 cable run that connects the RSâ€485 DATA BUS outputs of the M1G, to the +12V Data A Data B – connectors of the M1DBH. Now, I would desire that the P212S would power all devices connected to the M1DBH rather than the M1G. How do I achieve that? Do I simply connect the +12V and – terminals of the M1DBH to the P212S? Do I need to cut the Jumper JP2? I can see that ” _Jumper JP2 can be CUT to isolate the M1DBH from the M1 Data Bus Power. A separate +12V power source must then be connected to the “+” screw terminal_” What is the purpose of the Spare 1 and Spare 2 terminals of the M1DBH data bus?

      Appreciate it!

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        Oh, one clarification, by P212S to power all devices, I mean “for the P212S to power itself as well”.

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          Oh, never-mind, I guess P212S is in all configurations powered by the separate transformer. Then I am unsure: if you cut the jumper, what do you accomplish …

          ELK Tech Support

            The second floor will be on its own home run? If so connect Data A, Data B and NEG from the M1 to the M1DBH. Connect the the +12V and NEG Output from the P212S to the +12V and NEG on the M1DBH. The P212S requires its own TRG1640 Transformer and battery backup. When using the M1DBH and you want to connect M1DBHs together you can connect from the “First” Unused Port of the first M1DBH to J1 on the second M1DBH using a crossover cable. See the M1DBH for additional instructions on how to make the crossover cable. The “ONLY” time you can cut the JP1 Jumper to omit power to the next M1DBH is if all 9 ports on the first M1DBH are used. If not able to fill all 9 port then simple do not connect the “Brown” wire in the Crossover cable.

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