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    Bruce Cowan

      I have an M1G system that I self monitor. It has worked well for many years.

      It is programmed using “rules” to send email messages and call my cell phone when in an alarm state. It is to make 2 “dialing attempts” calling my phone.

      I recently performed a test (arm the system for “away” then trigger a motion detector) and all went well except it kept calling my cell phone.

      When I answered, it reported “Burglar alarm activated press pound to end message“.

      When I pressed pound, it hung up. The calls kept coming. I had no way to reset the M1.

      I must admit it has been some time since I “real world” tested the system however I don’t recall it ever functioning this way. I recall (?) that it provided some options to acknowledge the alarm and deactivate the system.

      Now, I won’t rule out operator error and I might have done a few things that caused additional phone calls.  While in “Away” state, I intentionally caused a motion detector to trigger. This caused the initial alarm (as expected). Still in a “violated” state, I then opened an external door (to see if strobe lights were flashing) and then opened another external door to check on another strobe light. All the while the system kept calling my phone and I could not acknowledge and disable the system.

      Each time it reported “Burglar alarm activated press pound to end message“.

      I finally disabled it via ElkRP on my laptop.


      1) why did the system simply say “press pound to end message” and not offer any options?

      2) why does it hang up when I pressed #?

      3) are multiple “violations” treated independently or once in “alarm” state, the number of violations doesn’t matter?

      4) where can I find documentation on the actions the system will take (and the responses by the recipient of a phone call) during an M1G outbound phone call?


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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