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    M1 Installer

      I want to send a command via serial port so I can turn an OUTPUT to ON or OFF I tried using different serial software and I am able to connect to my M1 Gold. I can see updates being displayed on the screen. However, I tried sending a command such as turning OFF output 9, but looks like my M1 is not receiving it. Is there something I need to enable on the M1 so that I’ll be able send via serial connection?

      Thanks, Neil

      ELK Tech Support

        Also, do I press Enter key to send the command or do I also include (CR-LF)? Or do I use the hex string 0x0D at the end of the command?

        M1 Installer

          I got it working by adding \r\n at the end but it’s intermittent. I used this command to turn on output 9 0Ecn0090000000D1\r\n from the 2009 serial documentation, the checksum was D8. Someone from a forum told me to use D1 Now, I’m trying to turn off output 9 but this command fails 09cf00900DC\r\n

          M1 Installer

            I got it working. I learned that checksum needs to be calculated. 🙂 I wrote a function in Javascript that will calculate checksum of the string we are planning to send. I’m sharing the code so people can use it too

            ELK Tech Support

              You can also use the M1SDK Software Developers Tool to calculate the Check Sum. The Software Developers Tool is available under the Support Tools page.

              M1 Installer

                And for the Python folk:

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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